GSA Policiy

GSA Policiy


Madhya Pradesh State Tourism Development Corporation Ltd. invites applications from reputed and experienced Travel Agents & Tour Operators for recognition as General Sales Agents.

1. Objectives:

This recognition of General Sales Agent (GSA) is being done to encourage quality & standard of service to clients in the overall interest of promotion of tourism in Madhya Pradesh.

2. Definition:

A General Sales Agent (GSA) is one who makes arrangements of tickets for travel by air, rail, ship, hotel rooms, passport, visa, etc. It may also arrange accommodation, tours, entertainment and other tourism related services.

3. Eligibility:


  1. The General Sales Agent (GSA) must be individual or proprietorship, partnership firm and private limited company.
  2. The General Sales Agent (GSA) should be an income-tax assesses and should have GST and PAN Registration.
  3. The General Sales Agent (GSA) should be under the charge of the Owner or a full time member who is adequately trained, experienced in matters regarding itineraries, transport, accommodation facilities, and tourism and travel related services. Besides this, greater emphasis may be given to effective communication skills, knowledge of English language along with local languages.


4. Validity of General Sales Agent (GSA)

The recognition as an approved General Sales Agent (GSA) shall be granted by the MPSTDC initially for 3 (Three) Years based on the recommendations of a committee comprising the Managing Director of MPSTDC or his representative and 2 other officers of MPSTDC. The quorum would be of 2 (two) members in the panel.

5. Application form and fees:

The General Sales Agent (GSA) can download application form to apply for recognition as an approved Travel Agent/Agency from our website: and enclose required documents.

  1. General Sales Agent (GSA) is required to pay a non-refundable fee of Rs.2000/- (Two Thousand Only) while applying for the recognition and renewal of Head Office as well as branch office. The fees would be payable to “MPSTDC Ltd. Bhopal” in the form of bank draft.
  2. Application form duly filled shall be sent on following address:
    General Manager (BDM)
    “Paryatan Bhawan”
    Bhadbhada Road,
    Bhopal (MP) Pin. 462003

6. Benefits for General Sales Agent (GSA) :

  1. There will be Special Tariff of 22.5% less then Rack Rate shown for all GSA through out the year except Peak Season. Peak Season (Annexure-III)
  2. Bonus will be given to GSA at the end of each year depending on the volume of the business done by GSA (Report will be made available from the module )
    BONUS SLAB would be as follows:-
    Slab of Business TAC BONUS
    0 to 5,00,000 22.5% 0%
    5,00,000 to 10,00,000 22.5% 5%
    10,00,000 to above 22.5% 8%

Note: The Bonus Policy will be decided/reviewed at the beginning of each financial year/Calendar year.

  1. The Name and contact details of recognise and accredited General Sales Agents (GSA) will be displayed in official website of MPSTDC .
  2. Registered General Sales Agent (GSA) can do the booking in the online booking system of MPSTDC.
  3. The General Sales Agent (GSA) can use his/her publicity and promotional material during the tenure of accreditation with tagline “Recognised by MPSTDC”. However, it can use tagline in the signage/name board of its offices only in respect of those premises that have been inspected and approved by the committee formed under this scheme.
  4. Preference will be given to the General Sales Agent (GSA) for participating in FAM Tour to MPSTDC as & when planned.
  5. GSAs will be given preference for participation in national and international events.
  6. Product training and FAM tours for GSAs to make them familiar with destination and MPSTDC hotels in Madhya Pradesh.

7. Group Room Blocking Policy:

8. Payment Terms for MPSTDC online booking :

9. Renewal/Extension:

The renewal / extension, thereafter, shall be granted for up to three years after satisfactory inspection by a committee comprising of Managing Director of MPSTDC or his representative and 2 other officers of MPSTDC. The application shall be accompanied by a non-refundable fee of Rs.2000/- (two thousand only) and required documents.

10. Documents to be submitted:


11. General Terms & Conditions:

  1. Minimum 10 numbers of rooms can be blocked with 25% advance booking amount. 25% advance amount to be deposited within seven days from the date of booking creation. If booking is cancelled during these seven days, no cancellation charge will be applicable and if the booking is cancelled after seven days of booking creation, the cancellation charge will be applicable. If 25% advance amount is not deposited within seven days from the date of booking creation, the booking will automatically be cancelled. Page | 2
  2. The blocking should be confirmed before 21 day of check in date.
  3. If the block booking is cancelled within 21 day from the check in date, the 25% advance deposited by GSA will be forfeited.
  4. If the block booking is cancelled before 21 day from the date of check in then the refund will be done as per MPSTDC cancellation policy.
  5. No block booking allowed during peak season.
  6. The block booking will be done centrally from Head Office, for blocking of rooms GSA has to send a blocking request on in return we will send a confirmation of blocking and minimum amount to be deposited as advance with bank details. On receipt of payment final confirmation of blocking voucher we will send on email.
  7. GSA should send request mail for blocking well in time so that we receive 25% advance amount in our account before 21 day of check in.
  8. Amendment in dates will be treated as cancellation as per cancellation policy.
  9. The blocking will be done for group booking only in the name of one customer. Complimentary room for tour manager:- One complimentary room will be provided to tour manager as per the availability for a booking of more than 10 rooms.
    1. At the time of booking General Sales Agent (GSA) can do the booking with provided User name and ID. It is mandatory to provide confirmation letter to tourist/client which will contain the Hotel Name, booking ID, check-in & checkout date, cancellation rules and booking terms & conditions.
    2. The General Sales Agent (GSA) shall make the full payment for the booking online by Credit Card/Net Banking/Debit Card etc.
    3. The GSA must deposit Rs. 10000/- (Refundable) with MPSTDC as security amount.
    4. The GSA must deposit deposit Rs. 15000/- (optional) against this they will be provided 1 Tab,1 Pen Drive and MPSTDC Property Promotional Materials.
    5. MPSTDC will review on a monthly basis the total business given by the General Sales Agent (GSA).
    6. The General Sales Agent (GSA) shall be given special discounted rates based on his performance.
    7. Refund rules on cancellation of booking done GSA is as under –
      10 Days or Above – 90% Refund
      02 to 09 Days – 80% Refund
      01 Day before – No Refund
    1. Application form duly filled.
    2. Two self attested photographs.
    3. Documentary proof (preferably registration certificates from Government) in support of beginning of operations of your firm.
    4. A signed copy of the Pledge of Commitment towards "Safe & Honourable Tourism". The pledge is attached in English as Annexure I and II, respectively.
    5. GST Registration number from the concerned authority.
    6. PAN Registration number from the concerned authority
    7. List of Directors / Partners or name of the Proprietor.
    8. Documents duly stamped & attested by the Managing Director / Managing Partner/ Proprietor of the firm.
    1. The guidelines including application form etc. may be downloaded from website:- All applications in physical form shall be accepted.
    2. The application form along with all supporting documents should be submitted in duplicate self attested.
    3. When applying for Branch Office(s), separate application forms should be filled and submitted along with the required documents, in duplicate.
    1. Code of Conduct for "Safe & Honourable Tourism" the General Sales Agent (GSA) should adhere to the tenets of the Code of Conduct for "Safe & Honourable Tourism" for which the following action would have to be taken.
      1. A signed copy of the pledge of commitment towards "Safe & Honourable Tourism" should be attached with the application. The pledge is attached in English as Annexure I & II, respectively.
      2. On the day a staff member joins the General Sales Agent (GSA), he/she would be required to take/sign the pledge. The pledge would be incorporated in the appointment letter / joining report of the staff.
      3. Two focal points would be nominated (i.e., from HRD, security side etc.) at the time of applying for approval by the General Sales Agent (GSA) in the case of organizations which have more than 25 personnel. In the case of General Sales Agent (GSA) with less than 25 personnel, one focal point would have to be nominated.
      4. The training would be provided to the staff of the approved General Sales Agent (GSA) by MPSTDC. Subsequently, the trained focal points in turn would impart further in - house training to the staff which would be arranged within next six months.
      5. The Pledge of Commitment towards "Safe & Honourable Tourism" would have to be displayed by the General Sales Agent (GSA) prominently in the front office area / lobby of the Travel Agent.
      6. The signatories of the Code of Conduct would be required to maintain a record of action taken by them in compliance of the provisions of this Para, which shall be kept in their office & shown to the Committee(s) at the time of renewal.
    2. For the monuments protected under the Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Sites & Remains Act, 1958 (24 of 1958), the Travel Agents should deploy / engage the services of Regional Level Tourist Guides trained and licensed by Ministry of Tourism, Government of India or other guides authorized by the Government of India or under orders of the Hon'ble Court(s) or DOT, Madhya Pradesh. For other monuments and destinations, the guides authorized under the orders of the appropriate authority, if any, of the concerned monument /destination should be deployed / engaged by Travel Agents. For outsourcing any of the services relating to tourists, the Travel Agents shall use specialized agencies in the specific field of activity approved by DOT.
    3. The General Sales Agent (GSA) would have to report action taken by them in their Annual Report which shall be kept with them & shown to the Committee(s) at the time of renewal.
    4. It shall be mandatory for an approved General Sales Agent (GSA) to prominently display the Certificate of approval of recognition / renewal or extension given by DOT, Madhya Pradesh in the office by pasting it on a board or in a picture frame so that it is visible to a potential tourist/client.
    5. The decision of MPSTDC in the matter of recognition / renewal or extension shall be final. However, the MPSTDC may in their discretion refuse to recognize / renew or extend any firm or withdraw / withhold at any time recognition / renewal or extension already granted with the approval of the Competent Authority. Before such a decision is taken, necessary Show Cause Notice would invariably be issue and the reply considered on merit. This would be done after careful consideration and generally as a last resort. Circumstances in which withdrawal is affected would also be indicated.
    6. Complaints received from the guest about the recognised/authorised General Sales Agent (GSA) will be referred to the Managing Director – MPSTDC for a preliminary enquiry and if required a detailed enquiry thereafter and their findings and recommendations on the action to be taken will be considered by the MPSTDC for appropriate action including termination.
    7. MPSTDC reserves the right to de-list any applicant or at the option of the option of the recognized General Sales Agent (GSA) during the tenure/validity period of recognition.
    8. The legal jurisdiction for any dispute will be Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh.